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Saturday, April 3rd 2010

1:21 PM


  • Mood: happy

I went shopping this morning for items for my Easter dinner. We aren't having anyone except ourselves and our dogs, so I am keeping it fairly simple. I bought a small 10lb ham, some canned sweet potatos, stuff for a fruit salad and a potato salad and of course I will have veggies. I rarely buy canned sweet potatos, but since it is just the two of us, I decided to cut corners. Of course we will have colored eggs, just because.

We are having key lime pie for dessert as well as a chocolate cake.  We already have ice cream and cool whip.

I went to our local supermarket, Peppers, and I must have looked for 30 minutes for the marshmellows. I told the manager that every time I shop, they have moved stuff. I was frustrated.  Easter kind of snuck up on us this year and we didn't make any special plans. My son has been at our place for the past few years and it seems odd for him not to be here.

Our weather is predicted to be 80F, so that is really great. My Iris's are all abloom  Gotta go boil some of those eggs, first thing to make: potato salad!


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