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Wednesday, June 30th 2010

11:05 PM

Last day of June

  • Mood: Good

I have been absent from blogging for a while. Actually, I'm going to renew my domain and do my webpages again, perhaps in a smaller, more compact version. I miss playing around on my pages and having fun setting them up. I don't expect many if any visitors, but that's not what it is about. I just like to enjoy my own playthings, lol.

Seems that summer is going by just too quickly, especially for me. The monsoon season is here so our days are not quite so hot and the clouds help modify our high temps. We should be getting our thunderstorms in the evenings and the rain is always welcome here in the desert.

So, now I am going back to play with my web pages: Moni's Web.  Some of you may remember all those pages I had before; I expect not to have quite so many this time.  Talk with you all later.

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